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Phosphene Studio Fredericksburg
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Send some kindness and let a loved one know you're thinking of them with a surprise care package from Phosphene. Care packages come wrapped, include a handwritten note and qualify for free domestic shipping. Local delivery within five miles of our brick and mortar is also available!

The C L A S S I C care package includes a selection of Phosphene's best sellers, including:

1 x Palo Santo Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio

Features calming top notes of cedar and mint, middle notes of cypress, and eucalyptus, and warm base notes of sandalwood and amber. Infused with eucalyptus, peppermint, and cedarwood essential oils. Palo Santo, a fragrant wood, has been ritualistically burned throughout history to cleanse a space of bad energy, and the oil is said to have purifying and healing properties.

1 x Sol Painted Mini Jotter by Wilde House Paper

Hand stamped cover on luxe stock in nude, made in California. This style has a touch of gold luster paint for next level shine. 30 inner pages of lined luxe recycled paper in beach speckle. Hand sewn down spine with embossed logo mark on back.

1 x Le Bon Shoppe Her Socks in Bone

A closet essential and Phosphene best seller - a luxe rib perfect height sock.

1 x Wild Lather 12 Apostles Soap Triangle

Inspired by sunset at the 12 Apostles limestone formations off Australia's Great Ocean Road, the wild harvested alkanet root in this triangle makes the color everchanging, turning from a deep shade of lavender to dusty rose over time

This Wild Lather's sweetest and most floral soap with steam-distilled essential oils of wild lavender, organic bergamot, bright, organic lemon, and a touch of organic geranium.

1 x Personalized Handwritten Note

All gift boxes include a handwritten note. Let us know what you'd like expressed at checkout and we'll include it on a beautiful piece of stationary.

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