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Shave Oil

Shave Oil

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Well Kept's shave oil contains all-natural ingredients that soothe your skin. Almond and argan oil offer a protective barrier and continue to hydrate after you’ve finished shaving; vitamin e helps with healing; rosemary essential oil reduces irritation (and smells really, really good).

  • all-natural ingredients
  • dual-function: hydrates your skin and helps your razor glide smoothly
  • hand-poured and mixed

Liberally apply before shaving and enjoy a moment to yourself while it sinks deep into your skin. Once you’re done, our shave oil continues to work its magic, so there’s no need to moisturize again.

This shave oil works best with single blade razors, like this one. Pair with Well Kept's safety razor. Making the switch from disposable to a sustainable razor blade is easy - learn more about how to set up your razor and best practices for shaving with a safety razor here, how to care for your safety razor here, and most common mistakes when switching to a safety razor here.

almond oil, argan oil, vitamin e and rosemary essential oil. size 120ml.


  • made from 100% recycled material that's FSC-certified
  • cardstock is produced in North America
  • fully recyclable

  • Liner:
  • made from FSC-certified paper and manufactured with 100% hydroelectric power
  • carbon-neutral printing from end-to-end of the manufacturing process
  • fully recyclable

  • Bottle:
  • glass bottle can be reused or recycled

  • Pump/dropper:
  • made of plastic (not ideal, but the only piece!) & glass