Mountain Mug #8

Mountain Mug #8

Emily Pawlica
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Hand thrown dark clay mug with mountain etching by Emily Pawlica, glazed with white speckle near rim. Bottom half is exposed rough clay.


About Emily Pawlica:

Emily Pawlica is a studio artist who focuses on ceramics, painting and printmaking. She is currently finishing her final year of studies at the University of Mary Washington (just a quick fifteen minute walk from Phosphene Studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia).  Emily draws her conceptual inspiration from the feminine, mother earth and the relationship and internal dialogue with self, as well as the people and artists that have come before her. She is inspired by natural pigments, shapes and textures from the earth and use them to create pieces inspired by the natural world.

Phosphene Studio was proud to introduce Emily Pawlica to our community in March 2020 for our First Friday celebrations, and thrilled to stock her one of a kind collection in our shop.