Sade Bold Ring

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Classic ring with an organic shape
Available in 18MM size (a modern US 7)
Gold-plated alloy

About Common Muse

More than just a brand, Common Muse aims to inspire a mindful and purposeful way of seeing, thinking, living and dressing. Through their collections and work, the brand hopes to encourage meaningful conversations on the idea of luxury and what it truly means.

The brand's prices may be mistaken for fast fashion prices, but it is important to note that Common Muse does not encourage or support fast fashion. The collections are updated sporadically instead of following the traditional fashion calendar and till date, Common Muse is still selling pieces that were launched back in 2015.

Since the beginning, founder Jel Ng as partnered with the same independent maker based in China who runs her own jewellery workshop and is in charge of material sourcing and production for Common Muse. It is a conscious choice to work with an individual who can fulfill small orders rather than a factory that would expect a huge order quantity each time. As the brand only creates in small batches, there is minimal waste produced in the process.