An Interview with Summer Jordan, founder of Fika Studio

An Interview with Summer Jordan, founder of Fika Studio

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Get to know Summer Jordan, founder of Fika Studio. Summer will be joining us at Phosphene on Friday October 1st from 5-8PM for First Fridays and Saturday October 2nd from 10am - 5pm for a semi-permanent jewelry pop up - we hope you can join us!
Summer at a Market, Fika Studio

How was The Fika Studio started?

I had always dreamed of creating jewelry. Even in middle and high school I had created leather and pearl bead necklaces and sold them to my friends. I had grown up being hands-on and with the desire to create ...

My family and I had traveled out of state for a piece of jewelry similar to our semi- permanent concept. When we got home, I started writing down ideas - [creating Fika Studio] was not an instant decision; I held onto it for nearly two years before bringing it to life.

This past summer, I moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. I had my boyfriend, family, friends, and a great new promising job all lined up. After almost two weeks of working at the job, I was let go ... I needed a job. With the rent due and the fact that I can't sit still, I finally pulled all my planning, research, and strength to pursue this longing idea of mine, and here we are five months later… The Fika Studio.

The Fika Studio, semi permanent jewlery necklace

How do you stay truthful and authentic to yourself and your craft? Do you have an intention behind your work and craft?

Growing up, I always had a job - I’ve worked since I was fifteen years old. I’ve been a swim and chef instructor, worked in retail, offices, and many other unique environments. I know what it's like being the employee and the client. When I handle materials, create processes, or simply just speak to someone, I try to look at the situation from both perspectives. How would something make me feel or is this morally right? I’ve prayed big prayers for the ability to see from multiple perspectives and I try my best to see from every angle when it is possible.

As the semi-permanent concept has grown and I had been able to sit down with many women and men, something has really clicked. I do not pre-make items, it is all custom fit to the person sitting in front of me. Not only was this made for them but was completely different from the next. That had grown my overall intention for these pieces. I call them my Promise Pieces. After the custom fitting of either a bracket, necklace, anklet, or ring, I talk to the person with the beautiful piece and guide them into creating a purpose for it. I remind them that this was custom fit to them- for them. I ask if there's a dream, goal, person, or idea that has been longing on their heart and point out that now they have something for them to remember that by.


What’s your favorite way to unwind? What does a day of rest and relaxation look like for you?

  • I enjoy nature to the extent where if I am with my people or by myself, I challenge myself to look to the trees, sky, or river to see the beauty in it to remind me that there are beautiful things beyond the sun rather than what problems I am dealing with now.

  • [I also enjoy] the gym (Burn Boot Camp), coffee shops (Agora), mountain tops, and my own home.
    Is there a project or piece you dream of working on?

    Honestly, I am a ring girl. I’ve told myself I will not buy any more rings till I had created my own. Rings are at the top of my list. I would specifically love to create gold signet rings someday. 
    What is the most challenging part of being a maker?
      There are many aspects or shoes to fill. You may be good at one concept but there are many. Social media, hands-on products, or word of mouth, being a small business means that you are everything and every role. It’s incredibly fun but intense in the sense that you do not know everything. Get comfortable to grow. Growing pains are good, it means you're growing!
        It can be lonely. I’ve heard the saying, “Your idea or dreams mean nothing to the person next to you”. This is so brutal but beautifully true. Your dreams and aspirations are YOURS and YOURS alone! What you want to do, create, and post is up to you. You are creating your own future and if this is your passion, run with it.

      1. There will always be a moment of you being unsure or in silence. God gave me this phrase a few years ago, around the time that this idea began. There will be a temporary pain for a permanent promise. You may be starting something new and there will be times you are unsure if this is right or that you should even be doing it at all but if you stick to it, that temporary pain will show you a beautiful, successful, soul-fulfilling future.

        Summer, founder of Fika Studio

      3. What do you enjoy most about working one on one with people?
        What is the most fulfilling and special part of the process for you?

        Semi-permanent jewelry is by far my favorite job, project, idea, dream, you name it. I am able to sit down with people to talk about jewelry! Not only am I sharing something that will build confidence and hold memories but am making relationships and seeing joy build up right in front of my own eyes. 

        I am able to sit down and have community with people. The term Fika resonates greatly with this concept because we are sitting down, talking, creating relationships, and having a moment to slow down and remember what the value of life is to us.

        My hope for the present is that we continue to empower the people around us with something that can mean confidence or be used as a pure reminder. As we continue to grow, I look forward to not our “followers” but the people we have reached, met, spoken to, and will see again!

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