Phosphene Journal

  • An Interview with Alex Meltzer, Founder of Meltz Studio

    Alex Meltzer is the founder of Meltz Studio, a ceramic studio based in Newburgh in the Hudson Valley of New York, known for creating pieces intended to serve as both memento and object to be enjoyed every day. Read on for our conversation with Alex to learn about her background as a creator, what inspires her (hint: forms and techniques of traditional Mexican, Indigenous American and Egyptian pottery), and her hopes and dreams for the future.
  • All About F. Miller, our new favorite skincare line

    Fran Miller started F. Miller in 2014 because she couldn’t find the skincare she wanted — a pared-back roster of select staples, luxurious in their inherent minimalism. Effective natural products created from the highest quality ingredients and meticulously formulated for daily use.  The line remains a tight edit of highly selective, holistically timeless, effortless essentials. Read on to learn about the formation and foundation of the F.Miller line and to discover the collection.
  • who + what’s inspiring us - july 2021

    Artists of Australia, coastal seascapes of the Greek Islands and Acrosanti - an ambitious project envisioned as an experiment in living with a limited environmental footprint in Arizona. Each month we practice taking pause and creating space to reflect on what's bringing us inspiration and energizing us, and share it here with you - enjoy.
  • An Interview with Candice Aquino, Founder of Some Ceramics

    Candice Aquino is the founder of Some Ceramics, a ceramic studio known for handcrafting familiar forms with subtle refinement. Read on for our conversation with Candice to learn more about how she began her work in ceramics, her design process, how she spends her time relaxing and slowing down and the all the details of her favorite eateries and galleries in the New York City area.