All About F. Miller, our new favorite skincare line

All About F. Miller, our new favorite skincare line

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“I really just felt that I could fill this noticeable gap for thoughtful non-toxic skincare essentials that also resonated with values of transparency, sustainability and beautiful design.”


Fran Miller started F. Miller in 2014 because she couldn’t find the skincare she wanted — a pared-back roster of select staples, luxurious in their inherent minimalism. Effective natural products created from the highest quality ingredients and meticulously formulated for daily use.  The line remains a tight edit of highly selective, holistically timeless, effortless essentials. Read on to learn about the formation and foundation of the F.Miller line and to discover and explore the range available at Phosphene.


Fran Miller

Above: Fran Miller. Photo: F.Miller

Starting with the signature Face Oil, Fran worked alongside a cosmetic chemist to construct an expertly balanced blend of 22 active botanical ingredients that at once cultivate luminous skin, deliver multi-correctional results, and deeply nourish all skin types.

In the last seven years the F.Miller brand has maintained the same strict standards for each material sourced and any product introduced to the collection: certified organic and ethically wild crafted ingredients whenever possible, taking care to partner directly with mindful manufacturers around the world. F. MILLER is guided by transparency and environmental and social consciousness. Every product is multi-tasking and multi-use, designed for versatility and seamless layering. Herbal infusions are crafted in-house and each formula is hand blended in small batches to maintain freshness and efficacy. The brand prioritizes eco-friendly, responsibly sourced packaging materials and are committed to minimizing waste and footprint. Additional details worth noting:

  • From a manufacturing perspective, F. Miller works with TerraCycle’s Zero Waste recycling program to maintain an almost entirely waste-free facility. Ethos continues to include prioritized mindful studio practices when it comes to water, energy and material consumption. The studio is stocked with eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable supplies that often come from 100% post-consumer waste, purchased locally from F. Miller's neighbourhood retailers as often as they can. 
  • Regarding sustainability, F. Miller strives to use biodegradable, recyclable and reusable packaging with the highest content of post-consumer waste whenever possible. Bottles and boxes are printed locally in a facility powered by Bullfrog: green energy that comes from clean, renewable sources, reducing footprint and environmental impact in Canada. Glass bottles are individually printed by hand using vegetable-based ink, and bottle closures are made using 100% recycled plastic. Boxes are made locally from 100% FSC-certified and Rainforest Alliance-certified paper, printed with vegetable-based ink. Shipping boxes, shipping labels, parcel tape, note cards and stickers are all made from 100% post-consumer waste. These materials are all produced locally and are entirely recyclable and/or compostable.
  • And, coming soon - convenient product refill and subscription programs! In the meantime, you can contact the F Miler team at if you'd like to purchase any of their products in a larger size. They are happy to send volume options to refill your existing bottles with.


the collection:


FACE OIL: A nutrient-dense foundational layer that delivers multi-correctional results. This potent yet lightweight multi-tasking blend of 22 active botanicals leaves skin visibly hydrated, nourished and glowing from within. Formulated to restore radiance, balance and decongest, soothe inflammation, enhance elasticity and fortify skin against environmental elements. Ideal for dry, oily, reactive, and sensitive skin types. TIP - layer in between the Toning Mist for deeper absorption and added hydration. TO USE: Press three to five drops of oil into damp face and neck after cleansing and toning. Use morning and evening. For a more integrated approach, add to facial moisturizer for enhanced hydration.


photo by Hubert Yang (@hubertyang)

EYE OIL: A deeply nourishing, gentle formula that delivers lasting hydration while soothing, reviving and protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. Extremely rich in antioxidants, minerals, Vitamins A, E + K, and anti-inflammatory botanicals, this concentrated blend absorbs quickly to help tighten the eye contour, soften fine lines, brighten dullness and dark circles, and restore elasticity to the eye area. A stainless steel roller ball is perfect for targeted application, stimulating microcirculation, and providing a cooling effect while reducing puffiness, fluid retention and signs of fatigue. TIP: can also be used for a glossy lid or skin highlight. TO USE: ▪ 1 On clean skin, gently roll oil under eyes, following around the orbital bone. 2 Lightly pat, working from the outside inward, avoiding lash lines. 3 Use morning and night, or as often as needed for instant rejuvenation. 4 Apply to any areas in need of extra hydration.

Eye Oil F.Miller skincare

TONING MIST: An essential, multi-tasking addition to any skincare routine, suitable for all skin types: A potent moisture-boosting mist that instantly hydrates and revitalizes skin, leaving a dewy, glowing complexion. Soothing floral hydrosols plump and soften, while probiotic cultures and botanical extracts restore skin’s natural balance and purify pores. This nutrient-dense tonic preps, primes and enhances the performance of the skincare and makeup that follows. TIP: Store in the refrigerator for a cooling, soothing after-sun treatment for face & body. TO USE: 1 Shake gently. 2 Mist face and neck generously after cleansing, prior to face oil or serum. 3 Use as often as desired to prep, set, balance, and refresh. 

Toning Mist by F Miller

CLEANSING OIL: A silky blend of nourishing botanical oils that dissolves pore-clogging debris and lifts impurities, while supporting a healthy skin barrier. This gentle daily cleanser transforms from oil to milk, easily rinsing away to leave skin feeling fresh, soft and hydrated. The phytonutrient-rich formula deeply purifies while soothing sensitive skin and inflammation, restoring a natural glow. TO USE: 1 Shake gently and apply two to three pumps onto dry skin. 2 Massage into face and neck. 3 Wet fingertips with warm water and continue to massage until a delicate milk forms. 4 Rinse clean or wipe away with a warm cloth.

LIP BALM: A velvety blend of nourishing, nutrient-rich botanicals, formulated to heal and repair dry, chapped, damaged skin. Provides long-lasting moisture while soothing, softening and naturally protecting from the elements. TIP: Use to treat cuticles, dry patches, scarring, and skin irritations on-the-go. TO USE: Smooth onto lips and dry skin as often as needed.

BODY OIL: A luxurious, skin-fortifying blend of moisture-replenishing botanicals designed to soften, smooth, tone, and instantly hydrate. This energizing, nutrient-rich formula absorbs deeply to balance and regenerate, heal damage, and revive dullness while promoting microcirculation and improved elasticity. Both a protective elemental-defense treatment and potent moisturizer that leaves a lasting luminous glow. TIP: Add a few pumps to a warm bath for added hydration and aromatherapy. TO USE: Using upwards motions, massage into clean, damp skin directly after bathing. 

 F Miller Body Oil

THE NECESSITY KIT: An ideal gift, travel or discovery set with F. Miller go-to daily essentials, each formulated for visible results individually, and even better when used together. Purify, nourish and hydrate skin with mini versions of our best-selling products, all packaged in a custom reusable washed paper bag made from recycled content. Contains: 1 × Face Oil (15ml), 1 × Body Oil (30ml), 1 × Cleansing Oil (30ml), 1 × Toning Mist (50ml), 1 × Lip Balm (4.3g). TIP: Reuse, repurpose or recycle our washed paper bag. It gets even better with time and use. 


Try a little bit of everything with the Necessity Kit, or commit to the full size when you fall in love - explore the collection here.

 F Miller Collection photographed by Chloe Horseman

photo by Chloé Horseman (@chloehorseman)

Additional information about F. Miller: an interview between founder Fran Miller and Natural Beauties.

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