Who + What’s Inspiring us - July 2021

Each month we practice taking pause and creating space to reflect on what's bringing us inspiration and energizing us, and share it here with you - enjoy.

Anything and everything created by @zhu.ohmu, photographed here by @__laudanum__ while photographing via zoom with @ivanamartynzyznikow for @_aje_ - which as a creative photoshoot concept during times of lockdown and quarantine, we love. Zhu was born in Taipei, Taiwan and currently resides in Naarm, Melbourne, Australia.


Reclining Vessel (Plantsukuroi) by @zhu.ohmu, a part of the exhibition Wonky at Tinning Street, Brunswick in July 2016. Photographed here by @channelbeju.


The home tour of Acrosanti in Phoenix, Arizona- an ambitious project envisioned as an experiment in living frugally and with a limited environmental footprint, Arcosanti is an attempt at a prototype arcology, integrating the design of architecture with respect to ecology. Image via @kinfolk.


Daydreams and nostalgia of past travels to Greece - especially this coastal scene of Andros Island, Cyclades, Greece, photographed by @lavinia_cernau via @slow_roads. 

The art of Mitjili Napurrula of Australia, known for using bold colors and solid forms in abstract compositions. Her recurring leafy motif, developed from her mother’s drawings, is a reference to the Watiya Tjuta tree, which is used to create ceremonial wood objects. Napurrula’s abstract paintings also approximate elements of the landscape in Uwalki, a desert region characterized by red sandhills and bushes. Shown: ‘Uwalki: Watiya Tjuta’, 2003. #MitjiliNapurrula, courtesy of @women.in.contemporary.art


Nature brought indoors by Fernando Higueras, Antonio Miró, Madrid, Spain, 1967-75, courtesy of @guillermodltorre @enricpastor via @slowroad

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