An Interview with Anne Yannutz, creator of AnneMade Studio

Get to know Anne Yannutz, team member at Phosphene Studio and maker behind AnneMade Studio, a collection of playful handmade rugs, crochet goods and home accessories (think tufted coasters shaped like daisies). AM Studio will be joining us for a pop up on Saturday December 11th during business hours - we hope you can join us!


Tell us more about the inspiration behind Anne Made, and how the dream came to life?

Anne MadeStudio was actually a product of quarantine. I had recently graduated college studying fashion and wanted to be able to express my creativity in some sort of way. During that time I pushed myself to stay busy and rug making was a new craft that came about. I’ve always loved to learn new things so AM studio became my outlet to share my craft with others. I started off with a simple punch needle then afterwards upgraded to my tufting gun which allowed my to make larger pieces. My shop now features crochet items, tufted rugs and punch needle products for the home. I focus on creating custom products that customers help create along with my own designs.


What are your favorite at home rituals?

Face rolling, morning yoga, and walking with my dog are things I do daily to help stay grounded. Even if it’s 5 minutes of yoga or just walking down the street - maintaining my own mental wellness plays greatly into my creativity… small rituals that I can accomplish everyday provide that ‘me’ time when it’s easy to constantly get lost in work with a shared home and studio space. So rituals and discipline are definitely newer concepts I’m slowly learning more to give myself that structure I need to stay focused.

What is a dream project of yours? What do you want to work on next?

A dream project for me would be to collaborate with another artists to create a unique piece. I think about graphic artists who I’ve been following and envision their pieces as rugs and that makes me excited! I would also love to share my products in smaller boutique storefronts. I’ve always enjoyed being able to access products in person

 Next I’d like to work on a personal collection that I’ve been brainstorming after I finish the custom orders I currently have. I love doing my custom orders - but of course they are not always my own personal style. A personal collection for me is a way to showcase my own ideas completely. I’m most drawn to colors and certain shapes in my work so my next personal collection will be a cohesive combination of rugs, wall hangings, and pillows. It’s a little vulnerable putting yourself out there with creative work because the work is a collection of time, your own ideas, love, and a little overthinking. At the end of the day anyone can say anything, especially when you’re sharing yourself online. But for me I just remember that it’s okay because as long as I'm continuing to create work that remains true to myself and positive intent then I’m doing exactly what I should be doing.


Is there something that draws you to fibers and the materials that you work with?

One thing I love about rug making in particular is the freedom in design creativity. Typically rugs have always been standard rectangle or circular shapes but when you are constructing your own rug it can be any shape, color, and design. Now I see rugs as an opportunity to become artwork for a non-traditional floor surface.

What are you currently listening to or reading?

I am currently trying to complete my reading goal for the year! I set the goal for 2 books a month which may be a lot or little to some people. BUT I just finished Malibu Rising and am excited to start Murder on the Orient - I’m a newer leisure reader so anything entertaining and fiction I’m into.


What is the most favorite/fulfilling part of your process and craft for you?

I love the intention that comes with creating custom orders for people. For me the process feels like a thoughtful way to add a piece to their home. I love connecting with people and hearing their ideas and visions and then receiving the trust to finalize the entire concept. I know that together we are creating the exact piece they envision which (I hope) in result means that the piece will bring more joy and last longer in a persons home.


What do you find the be the biggest challenge in your experience being a maker?

One of the biggest challenges I face is creating separation from my work life and relaxation. Because my studio is also where I live it’s easy to feel like I could be working on a project. It’s not your standard job where work ends when you leave the office. But I do my best to set ending times for my work day and doing things like reading that allow me to separate myself from my craft.

Something you are grateful for?

I am so grateful for my local community of creators. While we all have different crafts we all face similar challenges and having people who support you really makes the journey of owning a business less daunting. I am surrounded by so many amazing and supportive women and I love it <3


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