Intention Setting

Intention Setting

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Intentions help bring mindfulness into consideration when moving about our busy lives. Whether creating more time in the day for yourself, setting boundaries around social media, a daily gratitude or affirmation practice or remembering to drink more water - each conscious thought and action, big or small, has impact. Rather than something to achieve, an intention is something to be. Intentions can guide you through the day as you’re faced with decisions to make, a reminder of what you want to focus on, a reminder to stay mindful or the act of identifying the type of energy you want to carry with you through the day.

Intentions can align with values and goals, but should not be self-critical or intended to change who you are. Intentions are not set in stone, so there is no need to stress over setting the perfect intention. Give yourself permission to change and adjust your intentions, iterating and evolving alongside your own growth.

We tend to become especially reflective as years end and begin, but this is an exercise and practice we can benefit from doing year round. Here are some prompting questions to support your intention setting for the new year — close your eyes, take a deep breath and let’s begin.



List three words to describe your feelings and experiences this past year.

What were the challenges of this year?

What were the bright spots of this year? (Hold on to these while thinking about the way you want to feel moving into the new year).

What big things changed in my life this year? What did I learn from these changes?

What no longer serves you, that you want to let go of? What is draining your energy?

What are you proud of? What feelings and growth do you want to hold on to, and carry with you into the new year?




List three words to describe what you want your feelings and experiences to look like moving forward into the new year/next chapter.

What does your ideal day look like?

What do you desire?

How will you feel when you achieve what you desire? A large part of setting intentions is getting specific about what it is you want and how you’ll feel once you get it. Take a moment after noting what you desire to look underneath, to the feelings - these emotions reinforce the strength of your desire.

What is blocking you from achieving your goal? (This can be conscious or subconscious). What worries you or scares you about this goal? In what ways do you undervalue or undermine yourself and your capabilities?

In contrast, what are your strengths? How do these qualities support you in achieving your goals?

What motivates you?

Now, craft your intention. Intentions serve as mantras that provide a focal point to redirect your energy when it’s pulled in different directions throughout the day. It’s important that whatever your intention, it comes from a place of positivity - utilizing  ‘I will’ statements rather than ‘I won’t’ statements. Questions that can help structure your intention(s):

  • What kind of person do you want to be that will help you achieve your desires?
  • What do you need to focus on to achieve your goals?


There is power in speaking intentions and affirmative statements out loud to yourself. Say what you desire - what you focus on expands. Write it down in a place you’ll see it everyday. It could be a mantra, or even a few sentences about the kind of life you want and see yourself having. Write your intention on a sticky note and stick it to your computer screen. It ould even be a photo or collage set as your phone background that reminds you frequently of your goals, your dreams. Go out and take inspired action on your desires and dreams.

We’re also keen on physical reminders of intentions, and for our local friends have invited Summer of The Fika Studio to join us on Saturday January 29 from 10AM - 5PM for a semi-permanent bracelet pop up at the shop. Join us and select a piece to wear on your body that can function as a physical reminder of your intentions.

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