Jaymes Paper

Jaymes Paper was created out of a deep fascination for all things paper and design, presenting a collection of minimally designed stationery highlighting neutral tones and simple type.

All Jaymes Paper cards are made in Los Angeles, California by a collection of family-owned printers that have been established for decades. The brand sources premium FSC-certified & recycled stocks from around the world. Letterpress cards are printed on a Heidelberg Windmill, an antique press that has been around since the early 1900s. Each sheet is fed into the machine and individually impressed.

"In a digital world of instant communication, I love that cards encourage us to sit down and write meaningful sentiments to those we love. I personally love saving cards to reread over time and hope that Jaymes Paper is a gift that is kept for years to come." -  Jaymee Harney, Founder/Designer